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yoochun & changmin

Park Yoochun ♥ Shim Changmin
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welcome to yoominday - a community dedicated to posting daily pictures of the kiss/ski couple.
cm. melancholy is our concept. -- yc. if we put our names together - whether we put them this way or that way - it's a sad word. --cm. -laughs- -- yc. kiss, ski. suki in japanese means 'to like' - god, it's depressing.

p a r k - y o o c h u n

stage name: micky yoochun (믹키유천) | yuchun (ユチョン)
real name: park yoochun (박유천)
birthdate: june 4, 1986
birthplace: seoul, south korea
position: bass baritone

s h i m - c h a n g m i n

stage name: choikang changmin (최강창민) | changmin (チャンミン)
real name: shim changmin (심창민)
birthdate: february 18, 1988
birthplace: seoul, south korea
position: tenor

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atrociously creative pick-up-lines, being mean to junsu, changmin, crummy plastic keyboards, dbsk, dong bang shin ki, drinking alone at playgrounds, fancy pianos, food+porn=good night, going to bars together, kani-kani bye-bye, kint caps and scarves, kiss, kiss-the-baby-sky + hiding-quietly, long-long legs, max, micky, micky &hearts minnie, minchun, no socks just flip-flops, one-touch-ing, park yoochun, questionable fashion choices, ramen packets with love, shim changmin, ski, thsk, tohoshinki, tvxq, yoochun, yoomin, yuchun, チャンミン, ユチョン, 東方神起, 동방신기, 믹키유천, 박유천, 심창민, 최강창민